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    Carecuts and Homelessness in Our Community

    It all started for me last year; falling in love at first sight, with a place, organization, and those forgotten.  A friend of mine, invited me to come volunteer at CareCuts of Knoxville.  At the time, I didn’t quite know all of the details, but I knew I wanted to be a part of something truly hands on, changing lives of those in need. I pulled up to the parking lot, at the address I was given, and was astounded at what I saw.  There were so many people, in the hundreds, needing help.  They were all either sitting down, waiting, or up and about, mingling with others.  I did…

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    How to Get Sponsorship?

    It’s the number one question that I asked two years ago; and now the number one question I get asked.  “How do I get a sponsor?”  Sometimes, I feel like I need to pinch myself, whenever I get asked this advice, because it actually started as a fear of mine. I think, sometimes, when we are on the end of “needing a sponsor,” we forget what a sponsor really is. Sponsorship is an investment, be it monetary, an item, use of branding, or opportunity from an entity, who in return will receive business potential via you or the event in mind.  Investment; let’s just think on that word alone.  When…

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    Childhelp, USA

    Take the tour of the facility with Shonjrell Ladner, Mrs. Tennessee International 2018, prior to reading the Blog! Child abuse and neglect tends to lead from drug and alcohol abuse, here in Tennessee and throughout the US.  I hear the word "abuse," so often, intermingled with the circumstances of our Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome babies (born dependent on drugs).  Honestly, during and even prior to my start of speaking out to save our babies, I did strongly feel that these newborns, detoxing from drugs, had to come from the most harsh and abusive environments. Later, I learned that this is a generalization; depending on the terms.  Sadly, while volunteering in the…

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    What is Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome?

    When I hold a baby, suffering from NAS, though they can’t speak to me, when I look into their eyes, I hear the same words. “Help me, please.  I am hurting.   I shouldn’t have to go through recovery at birth.  Many outside, can’t hear my cries, or see my pain, but you do.  Where are my parents and why are you holding me?   Is someone helping them so we can be back together?  Where will I go, if she doesn’t get well in time?  Please make this stop, I am born to kuddle, just like all babies.  Do not forget about me, because I could be your baby, even you.”…

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    “Susannah’s House,” a Special Home in my Heart

    The story I have shared many times along my journey, involves a special place called, “Susannah’s House.”  It means so much to me, not only because I am on the Board of Directors, but because they let me in to help them from the start, before I had any role in the community. Eager to help those fighting addiction, and the babies, I was thrilled to be invited to a documentary screening at our Health Department.  The documentary focused on women, who were pregnant, addicted to drugs, and went through so many extremities, you would think you were watching an HBO special.  I remember this was my first appearance as…

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    Becoming a New Inventor

    So you have a great idea.  You dream about it, you tell your spouse, family, and friends,  time passes by,  and you see your idea implemented.  It happens to so many of us, mostly because we think, it isn’t possible to make it a reality. This is what separates an inventor from a dreamer.  It takes strong belief in yourself,  mixed with passion, drive, and support.  You have to be willing to sacrifice and have so much faith, whether you are a success, or not. That was myself, so many times.  In fact, I actually created and implemented an idea program for a company, and ran it in four US…

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    How to become a “NICU Cuddler,” and Why?

    You have seen us everywhere, the most popular volunteer job that has gone adorably viral, a “Cuddler!” Who doesn’t want to hold sweet, innocent, newborns, needing love and comfort?! It touches your heart, even thinking about it. In 2014, when I was first exposed to hearing about being a volunteer, to hold babies, it wasn’t presented to me in a form of popularity, as seen on social media and the news today. In fact, it was a needed job in our hospitals, because so many babies were born dependent on drugs, who needed extra attention. Our nurses and doctors were very busy, we had an overflow of babies in our…

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    Taking Born to Kuddle to new heights!

    My mission, since the start of my journey, has been to bring awareness to Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. I just didn't know how to go about doing it, in a way to reach a massive audience, and have them listen. This epidemic of babies being born dependent on drugs, will not end, it has grown beyond that. However, we can lessen the cases, by our most powerful source, our voices! Watching women on television, compete in the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant, changed my life. That was the moment, I saw outstanding women, using their appearance for good! They had platforms, and were out in the community. People contributed, paid attention, they…

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