Innovation at birth. Thank you for visiting our page. Learn how together, we can help babies all around the world. Our babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, have special needs. We are proud to have created groundbreaking products, specially designed to help the babies, medical professionals, and their families.

The Kuddler®

Our products are designed for all newborn babies, but especially equipped for our NICU babies!  We want the start of our most precious children's lives to be wrapped in comfort and love, with our "kuddle," products.  See below to learn more about each product.

The NICU Kuddler is our patent pending wrap, designed to hold babies, giving them the soothing feel of a hug.  It has a sound device, special texutures, breatheable fabrics, and is comforting support for the holder.
The NICU Kuddler
The Kuddzie, is a "all in one." positioning device and baby apparel desiged specifically for NICU babies.
"The Kuddzie"
"Kuddles," is a story of a little girl, who has to leave her baby sister at the hosital, who becomes friends with a friendly volunteer baby kuddler, "Kuddles."
"Kuddles" The Book
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