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Our new book, “Kuddles.”
Our book, written and Illustrated by Shonjrell Ladner

Our new book, “Kuddles.”

I am so thrilled to announce, our new book “Kuddles,” has been released and is now for sale via Amazon, Lulu, and soon to be released with Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million!

“Kuddles” is the first children’s book/book designed to help families and children cope with leaving a newborn in the NICU, be it sick, or a preemie.  Many families struggle with this situation, I know for myself, I did.  I always wondered, how parents explain this to their older children, who do not understand why they are not bringing their baby brother or sister home with them from the hospital.  In fact, I worry this will happen to me once again, and this time, I’ll have to explain this to my son, Rio.

My main character, Ellie, is so excited to become a big sister.  She goes to the hospital with her Daddy, to visit her Mommy, and Kippie (her new baby sister).  Upon arrival, she learns from her mother that the baby is in the NICU. Ellie, meets a friendly bear, named Kuddles, who is a volunteer kuddler at the hospital.  They become friends, as she learns about the NICU, and realizes her sister is in safe hands with the staff, and volunteers!

If you have a family member, or you, yourself, need help coping with this situation, we highly recommend this book, for you and your children!  We are so very thankful for all of the support!

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Kuddles by Shonjrell Ladner

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Kuddles by Shonjrell Ladner via


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