Innovation at birth. Thank you for visiting our page. Learn how together, we can help babies all around the world. Our babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, have special needs. We are proud to have created groundbreaking products, specially designed to help the babies, medical professionals, and their families.
nicu kuddler
The NICU Kuddler is our patent pending wrap, designed to hold babies, giving them the soothing feel of a hug.  It has a sound device, special texutures, breatheable fabrics, and is comforting support for the holder.
The NICU Kuddler

The "NICU KUDDLER," is our patent pending wrap, designed for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  This particular version is for those born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome; known as NAS.  NAS are the symptoms babies could have, in result of a mother's drug usage, during pregnancy.

These babies have many sensory issues, that can show up immediately or around fourty-eight hours after birth.  Among, the many issues, they are sensitive to light, sound, and touch.


Cuddling, is a proven method that helps calm and soothe the baby.  One of the most irritable symptoms for these babies, is sensitivity to touch.  Soft material can give the sensation of something crawling on the skin.  As a volunteer NICU Cuddler, I have learned that wrapping them in rougher material, is more soothing, but not aesthetically pleasing.  While cuddling babies for many hours, your arms will get tired, and support is needed.  Our patented locking arms, make the baby feel as if they are hugged tightly, while providing security.  An added sound device, can provide white noise to comfort, and you can record a message so your baby can hear your voice.  The exterior is soft, and plush like a teddy bear, which is cozy for holding the baby. Babies in the NICU are usually attached to lead cords for monitoring vitals.  Our device allows passage for cords, making work easier for medical professionals, and less uncomfortable for the baby.  Thermal pockets for milk, and hooks for accessory attachments, are a huge plus for convenience. See the many features below in the gallery!


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