Innovation at birth. Thank you for visiting our page. Learn how together, we can help babies all around the world. Our babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, have special needs. We are proud to have created groundbreaking products, specially designed to help the babies, medical professionals, and their families.
The Kuddzie, is a "all in one." positioning device and baby apparel desiged specifically for NICU babies.

Our New Product, The Kuddzie™

The Kuddzie™ is our special apparel, positioning device, and swaddle wrap, all in one!  This is designed especially for babies in the NICU, but can also be used for all babies!  The patented locking arms, have double functions of wrapping around the baby to cuddle, while also serving the ability to position the baby as desired!  Blanket wrap is attached, and able to fold upward and button, for swaddling.  There is an open passage for lead cords, as featured in our Kuddler™ design!  The Kuddzie™ is needed in every NICU, as it is comfortable for the babies, convenient for the staff, and easy to use for parents!

Prototype demonstration by Shonjrell Ladner, inventor of the Kuddzie™

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