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Just Do IT
Shonjrell Ladner and her new book!

Just Do IT

Shonjrell Ladner and her new book!

Just do it! The famous slogan from an athletic shoe, apparel, and equipment company we all know.  Who would have thought, that this would also be a daily devotional to achieving my goals?  We all have dreams, ideas, and aspirations, but only some, step up, to make them happen.  Why is that?  What stops you from reaching your goals, or even taking the first steps?

We tend to place blame on not living out our wildest dreams, on money, people, and circumstances, but at the end of the day, it is still up to you!  I know this, from my own experiences, and once I learned to master this ideology, I don’t see anything as being impossible.  There is always a way to make things happen, if you have the will to do it, are open to the risks of failures, and trying multiple routes.

I am a published author now of four children’s books.  I was blessed with the talent of being artistically inclined.  Writing, comes naturally for me, and I also love children so much.  So combined, in theory, I should easily be able to do this.  Two years ago, I got the courage to tell my husband, that I wanted to write a book for children about healthy eating and gardening.  I was so excited, that I had already started writing, and drawing my illustrations.  To my surprise, he replied, “You cannot write a book. It will never happen. It is too expensive, you are too busy, so forget it.”  Now, if any other person said this to me, i’d say, “whatever,” and keep it moving.  This time, it was different, because it was someone I live with, who I support, love, and valued his opinion.  I stopped for many days.  I had already contacted a publisher, and didn’t even tell him.  Of course, they contacted me, and he was right, it was so expensive!  Now wait, expensive was the only thing he was right about.  There had to be another way.  There was another way, I found it, and made it happen!  I now have four published books, through self-publishing, which qualified for “The Global Research Program,” and are now available in big box stores!

I avoided two roadblocks, cost, and a person (listening to them).

The next thing I really wanted to do, was start my own company.  As a mother, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, a great mother, fashionable, and help others.  Don’t we all?  I started to sell a skincare product, and needed a way to get prospects.  I honestly didn’t have a huge network of people, and had been in contact with many others, who yearned for the same things I listed above.  I sat down and thought of a fun party, to attract women and their daughters, as well as vendors.  I created a concept, and started a company called “PB&J Party!”

My characters for PB&J Party

When I first mentioned this idea, I got laughed at.  I told my husband, and we developed an algorithm, to make this profitable for anyone, should they follow all of the steps.  I had my first kick-off at a friend’s backyard and home.  We had so much fun! I had another friend host a party in Colorado (my intentions were for others to buy the parties and host them).  I had three more parties, trying to get it going myself, and became so busy, plus it was costly.  So many loved participating in it, and I know that it can be huge, but the key is, my focus, I have to want it.  I also got discouraged because of certain vendors not being happy, that they didn’t sell anything.  Looking back, many of them don’t even work for their own companies anymore they represented.  I felt bad because of one person saying that “everyone was upset,” which was not true.

Two more roadblocks, “why?” Why do you want to do it?  If you don’t have a strong reason, or drive, things start to fade. Who cares what they think?  Really evaluate the situations, before valuing opinions.  You need to look closely at the people who give you advice in the first place, whether you take it, or avoid it.

PB&J Party At Dollywood Dream More Resort

While saying all of this, my passion, and my heart, behind anything I created, started with wanting to help raise funding for our babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.  When I would pay to host an event, buy an auction item, donate money, provide meals, anything, all of my money, comes from my business ventures.  I wanted to find a way to help directly, besides volunteering and speaking out.  I had many ideas to help our babies.  I just had to do it.  I didn’t think I could.  Looking back, I reflected on all of the things I thought I couldn’t do, that I DID DO.  I did them, because I either had to, or wanted to at the end of the day.  I held myself accountable.

I had someone watching me the entire time, I created my ventures, wrote my books, but most importantly, while volunteering.  I pitched my idea to him, because I knew he could afford to do it.  I didn’t care about the money, I wanted it to happen, and that was my way.  In fact,we only connected because  he donated to buy a wheelchair for a fundraiser I held for the hospital I volunteer for!  The opportunity was there, I took it, and started “Born to Kuddle, LLC.”  I created my own prototypes, hired a wonderful patent attorney, and I now technically have three inventions, patent pending, and have had the biggest business deal offers you wouldn’t believe, and there is more to come!

Seems incredible, right? Guess what?  Even after all of this, I still had naysayers, hindering counterparts, and people who tried to stand in the way.  I even had contriving people come out of no where, to deliberately hurt me, or try to steal, manipulate, and even stop my progression.  It did not work, and won’t work, because I won’t let it.

So my advice in a nutshell, for anyone striving towards a goal is the following:

Channel your talents to make it happen.

Get rid of roadblocks, especially people and don’t be your own roadblock.

Know why you want obtain your goal.

Don’t chase the profit, chase the why.

Who cares what they think?

Last but not least, JUST DO IT!  If you forget everything, and do it, it will happen, guaranteed!

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  1. I have so much love to give . I have nieces and nephews babys but I have never been blessed with children. So I would love to give all I got to these sweet souls that’s god created. And comfort them and sing and talk to them . I feel I’m be blessed by finding these web site by a commercial that came on TV. Wow God is good

  2. Could not get into the website to look for my state of Ohio.

    1. Where are you in Ohio? Would love to help you!

  3. Would love to be a cuddler! Please let me know what I need to do?

    1. I would like to become a NIC you cuddler in Overland Park Kansas my phone number 720-383-8117 thank you just need to know the steps

  4. I would love to hold babies with addictions. I have 3 grandsons born to drugs so I know what drugs do to babies and families.

    1. Wow, how phenomenal that you want to give back through experience! Let us know if we can help find you a program!

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