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Born to Kuddle is on THE ROAD

Born to Kuddle is on THE ROAD

Our mission of bringing awareness to Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome is unstoppable, as it is needed everywhere.  The efforts are positive, but the reasoning behind our platform is sad in that it's at epidemic levels.  There is a "cuddler program" in every single state in the US now.  While this is good, it also means that there are many babies born addicted in our nation and around the globe.

I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Dwaine and Cynthia Willett Children's Hospital of Savannah, Georgia last week.  We were given a tour of their facility, and had the opportunity to hand out my books to the children in pediatrics.  I also go to know some of the nurses and converse about the levels of NAS cases they are seeing in their region, it was so eye opening.  I am very thankful for their gratitude, and giving us the opportunity to do this, as I know it is very rare.  Mrs. Georgia United States, Bethany Kizzie, joined me as well, and it was her first time in a NICU.  I was very humbled to have a new friend, come along, to something I care about so much.

I feel no matter what, this always starts with the mother.  Some women, do not know the dangers or side affects that can come about from using while pregnant.  This can happen even with prescription drugs we take daily, so please be sure to consult your medical physician/professional if you have any concerns or questions in using while pregnant.  It is our duty to warn people, and I am dedicated to continue!

Mrs. Georgia United States 2017 and myself holding a sweet baby being discharged.

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